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CBUS Retail connects, networks, and educates current and future retail talent.

From students to Board Members, we connect you to thought leaders shaping our industry. Our monthly, bi-monthly and annual events feature innovative thinking across the wide spectrum of retail strategy and execution – from startup to reinvention, from fashion to supply chain and everything in between.

Whether you’re a passionate retail-focused individual or are part of a larger team of retail professionals or service providers, CBUS Retail is your touchstone for staying on-point with the shifts, changes and innovations of the industry.

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CBUS Retail is committed to the continuing success of you and your business with benefits built on connections to game-changing resources and engagement opportunities.

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We can help. CBUS Retail is your source for the best in local expert retail-focused talent.

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Up your game and join our growing network of like-minded retailers who come together independently and through our programs to exchange ideas, share expertise, and build lasting relationships.

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Keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s at the forefront of retail is a challenge. Cut through the static and let us offer you educational opportunities that keep you on your toes and leading the pack.

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